Nightingale Cocktail: Des Moines' Premier Destination for Crafted Cocktails and Vibrant Nightlife
Nightingale Cocktail Des Moines Iowa Bar
Nightingale Cocktail Des Moines
  • Open @ 5PM Wednesday - Friday • 4PM Saturday • 9PM Sunday | 435 E Grand Ave • Des Moines, Iowa 0

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Midwest Cocktail Culture and Nightlife

Nightingale Cocktail is the pinnacle of Des Moines' vibrant nightlife and crafted cocktail scene. Nestled at 435 E. Grand Avenue, Nightingale a sanctuary of exquisite handcrafted cocktails and a unique, upscale environment. Five nights a week, our event calendar offers unparalleled entertainment that offers something for every taste just like our seasonal menu of handcrafted cocktails.

Visiting from around the corner or around the world, Nightingale Cocktail is worth a stop on your next night out. A nightlife experience combines the best of cocktail culture and the nightclub experience in a way that can only happen here.

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Craft Cocktails and Club Vibes

From Wednesday to Sunday, evenings start with cocktails mixed by friendly, experienced bartenders serving a seasonal menu of artfully-refined, yet unpretentious selections. As the night progresses, 9 PM marks the start of our transition to the pulsing heart of Des Moines’ nightlife as live DJs take center stage and ignite our intimate dancefloor.

Wednesday through Sunday at Nightingale Cocktail, the evening ambiance is set with expertly crafted cocktails, prepared by our warm and skilled bartenders. Each drink from our seasonal selection is a masterpiece of flavor and presentation. As dusk turns to night, the atmosphere shifts at 9 PM. Nightingale becomes the vibrant epicenter of Des Moines' nightlife. The energy is electric as live DJs elevate the mood, transforming our space into a dynamic dance haven that captivates and energizes

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The only mid-week nightlife event that feels like a weekend! RSVP (while supplies last) for free cover!

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Spice up your Thursday night with Latin dancing and the hottest party in town…

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The 80's are Back

Kick your Saturday night off with a trip back in time to the generation of MTV, synth-pop, and NES. We're laying down all of the hits that will take you back to the raddest generation in recent memory…