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Work at Nightingale

Interested in working at a fast-paced, fun, and upscale nightlife venue? Nightingale Cocktail is always looking for high performing team members to provide an unparalleled guest experience. If you're interested in joining a small team of self-directed professionals, please submit your application and we'll be in touch!
Please select one or more positions that you would like to be considered for. Please note: In order to be considered for a bartender position, you must have some prior bartending experience. If you are interested in becoming a bartender, but do not have experience, please apply for a different position to gain relevant industry experience.
Please answer the following questions about your qualifications. Note: failure to truthfully answer any of the following questions may constitute the basis for rescinding any offer of employment or termination of employment in the event that employment has commenced. Please provide your personal information.

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Do you have a valid U.S. Driver's License.

Plaese indicate whether you have ever been convicted of a felony. Note: answering "yes" to this question does not automatically disqualify you from employment, however we perform criminal background checks on all applicants and answering "no" if you have been convicted of a felony will automatically disqualify you from consideration.

If hired, are you willing to receive all payroll payments via electronic bank draft.

Please provide your availability to work.

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Please enter ALL previously used names including, but not limited to, unmarried last names.

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