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  • Open @ 5PM Wednesday - Friday • 4PM Saturday • 9PM Sunday | 435 E Grand Ave • Des Moines, Iowa 0

Weekly Events at Nightingale Cocktail

At Nightingale Cocktail, no two nights are the same. Every week, we host a variety of events featuring a wide range of music and a completely different vibe. Pick a night that's tailor-made for your particular style, or step out and experience something new—while enjoying the same fun, upscale vibe regardless of day. Unless noted, events are 21+ and ID is always required.
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10 PM - 2AM
21+ with Valid ID

AfterDARK Wednesdays

Prepare to transcend the ordinary as we redefine the midweek slump with Des Moines' ONLY high-octane, unforgettable nightclub experience happening every Wednesday night. Submerge yourself in a hypnotic atmosphere that pulsates with energy, illuminating the heart of Iowa's nightlife.

Admission? Absolutely FREE with our advance tickets (available at Be sure to snatch up your ticket post-haste, as they are limited and as sought-after as stardust. Simply put, they vanish quickly.

Witness the decks ignite under the fingers of our weekly guest DJs. From Des Moines' home-grown talent to spinning virtuosos from around the region, and even national music maestros, AfterDARK presents a unique fusion of sound that will leave your heartbeat in sync with the rhythm of the night.

The best nightclub vibe in the Midwest awaits you. Immerse yourself in a surreal soundscape amplified by our state-of-the-art sound system. Let the dazzling lights guide your every move, creating an intricate dance of shadows and illumination. Experience the captivating visuals displayed on our large screens, crafting a symphony of sight and sound that makes every AfterDARK Wednesday an extravaganza.

Escape the mundane, embrace the extraordinary. Let the rhythm be your guide, and step into the night. AfterDARK at Nightingale Cocktail isn't just an event, it's the spark that lights up your week.

Are you ready to experience the night like never before? Your Wednesday nights will never be the same after a visit to AfterDARK. Let's redefine the night together, one beat at a time. See you this Wednesday night at the Nightingale Cocktail.

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8 PM - 2 AM
21+ with Valid ID

Caliente Thursday

Dive into a whirlwind of passion and rhythm every Thursday night as Nightingale Cocktail introduces "Caliente Thursday", the hottest addition to Des Moines' vibrant nightlife. Let the sensuous beats of salsa, bachata, and reggaeton envelop you, turning the cool Iowa nights into a tropical fiesta.

Admission? Completely FREE before 9PM. Yes, you read that right. But, if you're fashionably late, buy tickets at the door or get your advance tickets on These golden passes are as hot as the salsa beats and evaporate in a heartbeat.

From 8PM, set the tone with our FREE introductory salsa lesson, making every beginner feel like a dance-floor veteran. And as the clock strikes 9, DJ AliDra takes center stage. With her mix of local flavor and a sprinkle of international zest, she'll have your heart thumping and feet tapping until 2AM.

Step into the most upscale ambiance in the Midwest. Our handcrafted cocktails are a dance of flavors in your mouth, while our cutting-edge sound, lighting, and video ensure every sensation is heightened. Dance under a cascade of lights, and get lost in the visual stories playing out on our large screens – it's a feast for all the senses.

Forget the ordinary; Caliente Thursday beckons with the extraordinary. Embrace a night where every step, every beat, every sip becomes a cherished memory. Remember, Nightingale Cocktail's Caliente Thursday isn't just a night out, it's an experience that sets your soul on fire.

Des Moines, are you ready to sizzle, sway, and immerse in a night that promises to be legendary? Thursdays are about to get a whole lot hotter. Join us this Thursday night at Nightingale Cocktail.
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5PM - 9PM
21+ with Valid ID

All 80's Happy Hour

Turn back the clock and step into a blast from the past every Saturday evening at Nightingale Cocktail. Introducing the "All 80's Happy Hour", where nostalgia takes center stage and the golden era of pop, rock, and neon come back to life. It's Des Moines' freshest throwback, and it's setting Saturdays on a retro rewind.

Admission? Absolutely zero! We're taking you back to the 80's, not just with the music but with prices that won't pinch. Dive into our selection of $3 mixed drinks, expertly crafted house infusions, and crisp domestic beers. It's the perfect potion to transport you to the days of leg warmers, cassette tapes, and iconic tunes.

And speaking of iconic tunes, DJ D.M.S. is our captain on this time-traveling voyage. Spinning the very best of the 80's, from groovy anthems to power ballads, he'll make sure you're footloose from 5 PM till 9 PM.

Immerse yourself in the rhythmic pulse of neon lights and embrace the pure essence of the 80s at Nightingale Cocktail. With our unbeatable deals on drinks, it's clear – Saturday evenings in Des Moines will never be the same again.

So, dust off your dancing shoes, tease up that hair, and join us for an evening of memories and music. "All 80's Happy Hour" isn't just another event; it's a celebration of a legendary decade.
Ready to revel in retro? We'll be waiting with the tracks that defined a generation and the drinks that keep the spirit alive. See you this Saturday evening at Nightingale Cocktail.

Special Events

In addition to weekly events, our special events may be found by following our social pages